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sl or soulight , (my page for single moms)

soulight started this conversation


SOULIGHT'S         AIDPAGES      FOR     

SINGLE MOM'S        FROM     ALL     WALK'S    OF     LIFE    IS  NOW   : 


soulight's  Aidpages for  


( But single moms are still top in my heart) 




  •   TRANSPORTATION        HOUSING         FOOD         MEDICINE          
  • LEGAL HELP                                 
  • SHELTERS        
  • CHRISTMAS              
  • SAVING MONEY           
  •   FREE STUFF                                     
  • HELP FOR PETS            
  • FREE HELP IN MICHIGAN                                                                               
  • HELP WITH CLOTHING               
  • JUST FUN STUFF                                              
  •  FREE MEDICAL SUPPLIES                                                                             
  •  FREE MEDICINE                                                       
  •  FREE STUFF FOR HOMESCHOOLERS                  
  • HOW TO LIVE ON PRACTICALLY NOTHING                         
  • FREE CHRISTIAN STUFF                        
  •  ASSISTANCE FOR SENIORS                                            
  •  MEDICAL RESEARCH AND RESOURCES                      

AND MORE . . .    


Here is where you will find a descriptive list of all the pages (eventually I hope !):

My Google pages are a mess now that they have migrated . So , I will start listing help pages here. 


To start , the pages that I use for research to help others 

- type in "community services" and your city and state , for finding help in your area .

-Charity Wire : links to faith based community services in the US.

-These people counsel others over the phone for a fee . However , if you look under thier blue topic links , there are tons of pages of advice that you can use for free. It has helped me in many personal areas. I hope you find something that you can use.

-This site has a base in Washington , but the references are AMAZING ! They cover almost any challenge / reference/ idea/ ... just soo much . If you are looking for any kind of help , it is worth checking this site out.

- United Way is kind of a clearinghouse that directs you to local help sources . A great organization. Here is a link to finding your local United Way in the States and Internationally.

This is best described using the blurb from the site :

'The Internet Archive, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, is building a digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form. Like a paper library, we provide free access to researchers, historians, scholars, and the general public.'

In other words literally millions of resources for searching for help . Plus ,a lot of fun stuff too !

To find information for your area : Look under SEARCH click on cities . Enter your state and your city . Scroll down on the page that you are taken to next.

-Do some digging and you will find help in your state. Also great for homeschoolers doing research on the States.

Over 1,000 links to non-profit resources.

"Over 1,000 Community Action Partnerships across the US to fight poverty " This is a state by state then a country search enginge . What is a Community Action Partnership ?

"The National Community Action Foundation is a leading advocate for Community Action Agencies nationwide, working with lawmakers at the federal, state and local levels toward the goal of creating sustainable pathways out of poverty by empowering low income Americans with the skills they need to achieve permanent self sufficiency"


Here is a listing of help page links that you can use right here on Aidpage :




What is my premise for helping others ?

"Love your neighbor as yourself." — Moses (ca. 1525-1405 BCE) in the Torah, Leviticus 19:18

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." — Jesus (ca. 5 BCE—33 CE) in the Gospels, Luke 6:31; Luke 10:27 (affirming of Moses)— Matthew 7:12








*If there is anybody who would like me to pray for them , please put your request on my site.  I am not a saint , and I am not perfect , and I don't have any money , but at least I can offer some prayers. they are free !

Just send me a private message.       

 If you want to include me in your prayers , that would be cool too !     ; 0









So , here is my story so far :


soulight-my story so far


Posted by soulight

on Oct 26, 2006




My story actually goes farther back than the story listed below.Back to when  I left an abusive husband .

Then I  had to move from a big city that we lived in for 13 years because it is too expensive for a single mom with health problems.  We moved in with family in a small midwest town ,who, unfortunatley, were set in their ways and didn't want to bend for the younger people ,and kicked us out.(It was actually from religious differences. I am a Christian , they aren't) 

I finally found a job that included " health insurance" (that was a joke), and that had hours where i could goto work after school started  for my daughter,and be back home before school was over so that I could be there for my daughter ,and then  this happened :



2 years ago i fell at work. i worked for a major discount chain store , that sells at "roll-back" prices. i wont mention the name , but you probably know who i mean.

the first thing that happened after i fell , my manager said "you have the same injury on your hand that my mom had when she used to spank me"(weird i know) and "its the weekend when we have our best business" , and "your not really hurt that much" he refused to go along with my request to go to the hospital.  a week later , i asked another manager  to take me to a doctor . he did , i had a sprained neck, a sprained arm, a badly bruised hip and a problem with my balance and hearing.and i have been going to doctors , physical therapists ,occupational therapists ,and pain doctors ever since then. the company has put myself and my daughter and all my friends and family through living hell. the managers who messed up by not taking me to the doctor immeadiately were"transfered to a different store"

so... after over 2 years of fighting this company andtheir insurance i ended up with no workers comp., no disability and no job. i am permantly disabled , and fighting for social security . my lawyer ,( who has ms herself and is an amazing person and example for me), is a God send , and is fighting for me. , as are all my doctors and therapists.

But , in the meantime , i have 15 different medsthat cost over 1,500 dollars a month. i am currently being helped with those by our community health . but i was turned down for medicaid ,who was paying for the meds , and my lawyer is not sure when my appeal will come through , if it does ,andthe community health may run out. i am praying it doesnt. i am very thankful thati have it.

i have no money. no income at all. my family and church are helping at the moment , and i have applied to everything that i can think of , or have been refered to. i have(not all are as a result of the accident) : insulin dependent diabetes,fibromyalgia , arthritis of the spine, high blood pressure , asthma , sleep apnea , circadian rythm disorder ,a vestibular balance problem , a gait(walking ) problem, myofacial pain disease ,allergies to all sorts of stuff , IBS ,adrenal problems , female problems , chronic pain for which my doctor put me on morphine , and depression (i wonder why?)

my daughter(who also has diabetes)  is a wonderful help. she is smart enough to have gotten into college with scholarships and grants. she has had to stay home and go to the community college to help care for me. my muscles dont work well, and i cant lift anything over 1/2 pound without dropping it. my daughter is trying to get a job to help and has applied to over 37 places so far. she hasnt had any luck. she doesnt have any work experience because all she has done in her spare time is help me. my parents have been helping , but my father is in a wheelchair ,and my mom just had complete hip replacement , so they have thier own problems.they also said they canthelp much longer. my social worker said that i cant be helped until i am facing eviction , and then i will have to pay them back. FROM WHAT MONEY?

my lawyer said it will probably be 2 years before my sociail sec. appeal comes up.

in the meantime , i dont know how my daughter and i will live. so far , i have been blessed by family and friends, but i am so ashamed that i can do nothing to help the situation myself . i dont want pity , i just want a way to make it so that i am not such a burden on others.



anyprayer or suggestions are gladly welcome please , if you have a story that is similar i would love to hear from you on how it turned out and if you have ANY SOURCES I CAN GO TO FOR HELP.(after all Aidpages are for People helping People !)


thank you









 With all the recent greediness on Aidpages( This was after my first Christmas on Aidpages when people were GREEDY and just wanted more and more just given to them. It made many of us sick of hearing all the greedy requests - sl 04/03/08 ) , I have wondered if all my time put into trying to help fellow Aidmates has been worth it. I have been thinking about this a lot. I decided that if just one person is helped because of something that I put on Aidpages , it is worth it. All the people who are scamming and just out for a free ride of money will suffer in their own ways ,and I don't need to address their problems , but I am on here for those who are willing to go partway with me in solving their own problems . We all need support and encouragement. That is what I want to do - support and encourage people to grow towards the person God made them to be.  So , I carry on.









Just another update. My medicaid was just turned down again. I need therapy for my balance , my hip and shoulder , and occupational therapy. My doctor has re-written my functional capacity exam because I am getting worse. My rehab evaluation counselor doesn't think I have enough strength for a full time job , nor is my pain level low enough.

I have spent much time on these aidpages , but not full time. I rest alot in between . My illnesses are sometimes O.K. and sometimes I go into a major flare and everything falls apart. Right now ,I am typing with a major cramp in my left arm down to my hand , and I end up typing with one hand. I am getting weary of the fight , but not for long , God will see me through.

These pages have given me something to do that I have always wanted to do , and I don't even need a car , or money , or much energy to do them. Now why can't a real job be like that ? Of course , I couldn't just stop typing and take a nap whenever I wanted to with a 'real job.'   ; )Never give up.










I thought i might add another update, since it has been a while. My pain levels have increased greatly and i am not sure why . I have to wait to find out though , because i am having a hard time with insurance again.I have to re-apply for some of my assistance through the state , as my lawyer had  some major problems(death in family) , and we missed a deadline. I like this lawyer a lot , but this is another set back. i got a special voice activated computer program from my daughter ,and it is much easier than typing , as on my bad days , my arms and hands cramp up. Having all these things happen to me is a blessing. NO I AM NOT CRAZY ! ! ! it is just that i have always wanted to help other people ,and the more that i go through , the more i understand what others are going through , and i am greatful for that empathy.   Still , i really , really wish more people came to Aidpages to help others rather than to always want help , as i get weary of the "givemes". Is our country truly full of so many greedy , needy people ? I don't mean needy for money , but needy for a good spiritual , moral base.Anyway, i went to a rehab program ,and though i was not accepted because of my pain and physical problems , they said it will be hard to get social security because i am too intellegent. GO FIGURE , IF I HAD KNOWN THIS I COULD HAVE CHEATED ON MY TESTS BY MISSING ANSWERS  : ^ (-ADDENDUM , I WOULD HAVE NOT CHEATED ON THE TESTS . THIS IS A JOKE !

Anyway , i plug on and I DO NOT GIVE UP . We all need to keep up the good fight ,and run the race. In the end we will recieve the prize.








April 18 , 2007

Today I just need to vent a little. I do love helping people, but it would help if they help themselves a little. I spend hours finding information , and then people come on a page and ask for assistance with something that is already addressed on one of my Aidpages. It seems people don't even want to read the page for help ,they just want me to do ALL the work for them. I hope these people start helping themselves ,or they will be caught in the 'please help poor me' trap for the rest of their lives ,and it seems that this is a miserable way to live. I don't want to live that way.Maybe some people do.If that is the case , what a sad existance.










As of today , i will start helping people only through prayers and my Aidpages , at least for a while. It is so tiring to help so many who have an emergency or crisis. My own health challenges and life challenges need some attention , so i pray that people search for help for themselves , starting with my Aidpages as a jumping off place. I care about people and what happens to them , but i need to care about me and my daughter too.I still struggle with all the things listed below. I am blessed by help from family and church , but it still is quite a struggle and very energy zapping . My own health problems already include low energy challenges , so i am pulling back on some of my commitments in my life right now to save what energy i do have for the most important things.

I will still add things as i find them for assistance ,and i will still monitor my pages everyday , but i will not be helping people on an individual level . I hope people understand this. It would be so cool if some others stepped up and STARTED HELPING OTHERS AND REALLY MAKE AIDPAGE PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE ! ! !   : )









So , I am feeling much better . My asthma was part of what was causing the fatigue. And , I will be having a sleep study , as I probably have apnea and stage 4 sleep problems related to the fibro. What fun. Still , my problems might be lessened if I slept better.

I hope to interact more with people on Aidpage , and I still hope and pray that there continue to be more people who HELP EACH OTHER OUT !!!  :<)

My review with my social worker is coming up in a couple weeks. Anybody who reads this and is a pray-er , lift me up ! Please !









Am now waiting for results from the sleep study.

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Star84   in reply to REALCHILD
I pray for you to be healed of all sickness and pain in you. In JESUS NAME THROUGH THE HOLY SPIRIT AMEN!!!
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PomegranateLoVe   in reply to REALCHILD
Father God I stand in agreement with your child... We proclaim total healing from all sickness and disease... I pled the blood of Jesus over this circumstance, We call on your name JESUS because there is power there, power to heal, power to shield, the same miracle working power manifest itself and have VICTORY in your mighty name we pray... we LoVeyou and we praise your wonderful name KiNg Jesus...

Talk to PomegranateLoVe
Chester District
Laughlands P.O.
Iam in need..I can't just live up to this anymore. Iam a Papua New Guinean.Iam a teacher but iam with out any pay because all my pay goes into debts repayment
and lately my wife got arthritis which I can't manage this situation anymore. Iam ripped apparently. Please I dare for financial assistant. Thankyou and god blesses.
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drop shipping programs for disabled
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woman in a shoe   in reply to Dobieneedshelp
Hi the person u posted to not been on here sent 2011. All we can do is give u information where u mite get help. The only place i can think of is the dog pound but u got to pay a little money i have took a few of mine there a while back i pay like 15 dollar s for one shoot. Other than that i don't know where u can go.
Talk to woman in a shoe
I am desperate for medical help for our 11yr+ male shepherd mix. He came into our lives just before my 101/2yr old grandson. He's for sure, my granddog.:-) I've been dealing with breast cancer and other health issues for over 4yrs, am cancer free, but, have a very extensive non related surgery, as well as several revision surgeries. My son had a work injury several yrs ago and is slowly recovering. We're doing our best, but, believe that Dobie may have cancer. I had to put down my 11yr old baby, Twinky, due to mammary tumors(breast cancer), shortly after my own diagnosis. Losing her was every bit as painful as losing my 10 mo old baby, from chronic health issues, surgeries and most of his life was in a hospital! She was always there for me and would even lick my tears away, trying to comfort me. In looking at your web page, it seems that there haven't been many recent msgs, etc... Is this site still trying to help people like me? Dobie is so overdue an exam, shots and dental. Right now we would be blessed with Dobie being seen. Sincerely, Diane
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Talk to aana
Hi.I'm.ana.want to talk u if you have little time for me plz talk
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a MOMin need   in reply to momineed
can we talk
Talk to a MOMin need
Hi my name is Jacqueline. I just received a 1,000 utility bill because of a water leak that I didn't know about . KUB will set up payments but they are to high and I can't even affords that . Can someone help me? The community services say they don't have money . So Please can someone help?
Talk to lizawood
hi I am pregnant and need housing for a month or a motel room for at least five days &nights or longer ,and some money to eat meals on, or food ,and furniture, water & electric bill deposit, maternity clothes, household items, baby items or anything and if you can help in any way I would be grateful and thankful for any assistance.
Talk to singergirl
Prayers are needed for my family.....4 left in family....3 very sick...I pray everyday for them.
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woman in a shoe   in reply to lennyd
The person u posted to not been on here in years. But call 211 give city state tell them what u need help with have pen and paper when u call or u can type need help with bills city state if u don't see it under city state but county state good luck
Talk to woman in a shoe
I am a single mother with three children one with severe asthma problems and my electric bill is due and I don't have any money, how can I get help?
Talk to lennyd
Do you know of any organizations in Tennessee that would donate a vehicle to me?
Talk to bobbidoll
I recently moved and had to pay a lot of money to move into a new place and just need assistance getting back on track with all my bills. My power will be off on Tuesday because I owe a deposit I can not pay. Rent is also due on Tuesday and i do not get paid prior to then. what to do . I also have two chipped teeth in the front of my mouth annd work in social services, how embarrasing
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Moonlight 123   in reply to soulight
Hi Soullight--- you can call me Moonlight 123... I am new on here. You can pray for me and my brother. After Mom passed, it has been difficult on us. We, ttogether, paid for Mom's funeral & it has been a struggle on me as well as him and his family since. They live next door to me. We are up against some regular bills, but, unusual, we have gotten behind and needs God's Help. Please pray. Thank you.--- Moonlight 123
Talk to Moonlight 123
I'm having trouble at work, I'm getting old and the younger co-workers are getting the good jobs. I feel like an old tractor. Please pray that age is wisdom and not forgotten but respected.
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