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sl or soulight , (my page for single moms)

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Searching for a cash loan for my disabled mother today., Can anyone help me
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he left me with no job, a broke down car, no money... I now am staying with a friend whom givevs me a ride to work. I have a 2nd job i start on the 29th but car still broke down. how do I find help? not married.
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i need help i am disabled i lost my home much of everything else my mortgage company would not accept any offers on the home buying food and meds pretty much depleted me now i have a bill for 24k i see a debt i can't handle lawyer fees i can't handle any help would be greatfully accepted
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I need money To pay billd and food .i am so tired this life
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Dear soulight,
I just put my car in the shop because it needs a brand new engine. I've been broke because of paying bills and having an increase in rent. I just got married and my husband has no car and we don't live together. I have not been able to see him for over a month now because of my car breaking down. I work full time but my job just scrapes my bills by. I need 900 dollars to get my car out of the shop and I only have 87 dollars. I've tried loan companies, friends/relatives, asking my husband, negotiation and those options just didn't seem to work. What can I do?? I'm sick and have been walking 4 miles a day to work and back ( in the dark of the night). My credit is horrible and my state doesn't allow car title loans or payday loans. What are my other options?? Please help me!! I'm desperate!!
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I need financial help to settle my debts and utility bills
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hello, does your program help families who are homeless and stranded in another state with bus tickets to get home?
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Are there any government programs that can help pay my court fees? I'm struggling terribly and that is the only thing holding me back from moving on to a better life.
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Mr. pig   in reply to soulight
I like
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Minnasoda charitys that will help me and my two young children with this holiday season
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Can i
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I am a single mother of two one of my daughters is disabled I cant work because she needs constant care I live in new orleans and cant find any housing programs!!
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Hi there, just wanted to say...I appreciate your help and pages, I have been very resourceful myself but this has helped me tremendously, thanks so much!!!
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I need some financial assistance US $1,000.00, to help with rent, bills, and food. My wife is not working and pregnant. I work part-time, but its not enough, please if you can help me, thank you. my email is thank you.
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Hello. My name is Denise and I recently gained custody of my two grandson who were living in the street. I am two months behind on my rent due to having to buy extra food and what not for the two kids. Please help. email is
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dear soullight
i bjb1958 i been chattting with schimidty i am in need of getting my 1997dodge 1500 pickup plated and insured which cost about 275 i also have to get a cell phone the staffing companies i been to have told me no goverment because of the limited minutes i have a friend i do lawn cutting for who can get me a new phone for $80 out the door and $25 a month . i been walikung to get my lawns cutjust to buy food and get personal hygenne products if i could get running i have signs on the truck and get maybe some work i live in michigan and all the agencys wont help and the dept of human resources told me why do i need to fix my truck ? i told them because i want to go to work! can you assist me i am on the adpage i also have a friend with electric bill probelm she is on a full disabilty she bi polar and now has fibermpoyla congrestive heart faiulre and back injury dte gave her a $250 a month payment and with her check is cant be covered she has at her apt no way to adjust the temp . can you help her i have her phone number to contact her
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tommyboy1986   in reply to tommyboy1986
in response to that i went to a rental assistance office today in my state to see if they could help me. i was told i could get assistance if i payed my rent and no other bill there solution was to basiclly get everything i own turned off and just let those bills build up
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missvh   in reply to tommyboy1986
If you are a veteran, u should be getting a Veteran's check. Apply for that.
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