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sl or soulight , (my page for single moms)

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Hurting Hearts

I am reading, time and time again, that no matter where we are, we all have the same needs. Most of the time it's people wanting other people to share money. And it doesn't look like that is happening too often SO WHY NOT HAVE A CONTINUING SWAP-SHOP/YARD SALE!?!?!?! MYSPACE IS PRETTY EXPENSIVE IF YOU'RE JUST STARTING OUT, FEES FOR POSTING STUFF THAT DIDN'T SELL.....THEN THE COSTS TO USE PAYPAL. I CAN'T AND WON'T DO THAT. I HAVE TRIED ONCE-never sold a dime's worth of stuff and ebay STILL wants me too pay charges... lol ON HERE, THERE ARE THINGS THAT HAVE TOO BE KNOWN ABOUT AND AGREE TOO. *** It'll be pretty hard for some of us to accept vise and/or any other card. So, in most cases people will have to use cash or check. Out of the 2, it is at the discretion between the seller/trader and the buyer to communicate, IN PRIVATE, as to the final details. If you're excepting checks but you want to wait till the check clears-tell them. Also Postage-you can either charge a flat fee for everything that leaves your house,which is what I do...that's easier. If you only send out 2 or3 days a week or whatever-mention it.Pixs!! Great!! Post them....Try to use as many descriptive words as possible when describiing your items. Most important, do you want too buy, sell, or trade, and then what you're prices are, or what your looking for in trade. Post the long description and pix on your own pages, if you want, then come back here, and write a small post, with a pic if you want-to pull people toward your page for the long description. Just put something Like; this is my pic these are my details to buy sell trade Then we will be all over the places, on each others pages, commenting on the pics of the items, and for those of us doing adpage, everyone will bennifit; me because we're come here to look around, then everyone who wants something, or wants to get rid of something. On the top of your page, put your name, state, item. We all ought to have fun here,getting rid of the things we don't want/needanymore,buying, selling, or maybe just giving away. And buying some new stuff that you couldn't afford, at discounted prices or maybe traded or even free. Pass this too everyone you know-the more people that know about it, the more options we will all have!!!!

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I have a friend here in SC who needs help with transportation and possibly some legal help to reduce child support payments and try for custody cause the ex sends them to her parents most of the time anyway. Any suggestions?

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veeru paji

hello its me salman student of biotechnology

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 in response to 14Unity...   

Hi 14Unity

I am so sorry . I wish I had money to help. For some reason , reading your message today has brought me to tears. We really need help in this country.

So many organizations that help others need help themselves. I don't know your beliefs , but I have been praying for change.


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I have read through the information you have provided and agree. However, I have went through all these procedures with my mortgage company and they refuse to help. I have been doing research trying to find some type of assistance, everything from calling Hope for Homeowners (which was a joke), to trying to rent/sell my house out right, to making several attempts with my lender. I was an independent contractor, so I can't even collect unemployment. I am truly at a loss as to what to do. I can't afford my home and I don't have any money to move. I feel as though I am stuck between a rock and a hard place; Not to mention I haven't been able to find a legit job in 8 months. So much I do want to give up, this is such a depressed mess. Thank you for listening.

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 in response to Beth 4201...   

Hi Beth ,

I am not sure where your reply went , but if you would like to try again ,   I will keep a look out for your reply!


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Beth 4201

Wow, I just typed out a whole long reply to Soulight and checked the 'display to all' option, and now I don't see the reply I wrote anywhere. I am so brand new to this site and Soulight was the first person I responded to. I posted my writing and then went to see if there was anyone I could be of assistance to, and chose to reply to Soulight. Oh Lord, that was such a touching reply and now I'm afraid it might be gone forever without her even seeing it! Rats!   Guess I'll keep practicing ( I'm new to the computer also!).  Thanks so much,   Beth

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I'm a mom with three wonderful children. one of them is now residing in heaven, meaning, I have an Angel with my own flesh and blood in heaven. The two other children who is left to my care are "Blue Babies" or with congenital heart defect. My eldest who is now 10yrs old had underwent surgery 8 yrs ago. my 2nd child, the one with me in the picture I posted in aidpage is to undergo the same surgery. me and my husband have a good job here in our country but with the conditon of my children we cannot reall support their needs. so I'm appealing to anyone with a good heart to help us.

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comment to Soulight, I have been spending time doing some research on your page and I can''t thankyou enough for the link on Chronic pain, the info really helps. After being off the heavier pain meds since last spring I have had to start taking them again, the pain from the fibro and arthritis not to mention pancreatitus have gotten so bad this winter that my Dr told me not to play the martyr and that I needed the meds so I could move around more and hopefully bring me out of the depression that constant pain will just feed on. Anyway I am using all your advice and learning a lot of things I wasn't even looking for. (Washington states Dental info) Have a wonderful week and I'll keep reading sincerely Sheial sheshe030

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my friend ask me look up on line well i did,,,,,,i asked please help me i got big family i dont have no money at all see can lord help me,, i dont have a car.... one bill another bills i late on my rent one my landlord die he 84years old had cancer i fill sorry for he wife,i am late on the rent all the bill show up .... how my boys and girls have a nice xmas basket can jeuse help me please i got big family i wish i have a nice nice lord jeuse help me it out of my heart please help my family got 4 big girl and 3 littles girls and 5 big boys and 2 littles boys i feel so poor asking for help me i hate be borke all the time the big bills and more bill my dad die last 2 years ago ...we dont have no help i feel so bad ask god for help i prey and prey and cry and cry its so hard preety please somebody out there help my family out there please my address 6011 pennsylvaina st.louis mo.63111 its

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Hi, my name is Shelly and I have 5 boys ranging from the ages of 4 to 17.  Only one income to suopport them all. My income gets us by, kind of (behind on mortgage), but leaves nothing for extras such as Christmas.  I waited too long to sign up for help at local agencies thinking something would come up and we would be able to do it ourselves, now I'm desperate.  I don't know if I can handle another sad christmas.  If anyone can help at all, you would be putting shining smiles on 5 boys faces.  Cody he's 17 and needs clothes and shoes something fierce, he wears size 34x30 in jeans and medium in shirts, his shoe size is 11, black and white chucks, I guess these are coverse style high top sneakers and he could use some socks.  Of course he has wants and the ONLY thing he's asked for is a nintendo DS, but I'd rather he got what he needs, plus I know the PS3 is outragously priced.  Bryce is 13, he needs clothes also, size 28x30 jeans or 16 reg, sixe medium in shirts and shoes, size 8.5, he also needs socks.  As far as wants go he likes anything skateboard, and music.  Avery is 11 and he needs clothes, size 12 reg in jeans, 14 in shirts, and socks, his shoes are still good.  His wants are anything WWF or WWE, and magic stuff.  Jaylen is 5 and he needs clothes, jeans size 6, shirts size 6 and boxers and socks.  He likes bakugons, pokeballs, uu-gi-oh, and desparately want an nintendo DS, oh and a jet pack or flying broomstick (LOL). Gavyn is 4, he needs clothes jeans size 3, shirts size 3 and underwear and socks, he likes anything Jaylen likes and all super heroes.  I also have a little girl that lives with me most of the time, but not full time, I don't need clothes for her, friends have given me enough to last until she's 4.  Her name is Nevaeh, she's 2 and she loves dolls, she really like the doll heads that you can brush thier hair and stuff and she loves music and ponies.

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 in response to sheshe030...   

Hi sheshe030

It truly is my pleasure to reach out , and I thank YOU so much for the feedback. You made my day !


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comment to Soulight---Thankyou so much for your -Coping strategies for chronic pain--sometimes it's just good to hear someone knows how much you really hurt and yet you smile through it. I thought my conditions were bad until I read what your living with, I will not complain again or at least not for an hour or so. Thank God for this aidpage and people like you who so selflessly share their most personal sufferings so that others have someone to go to for help and understanding. Thankyou Soulight. sincerely sheshe030

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 in response to CKB1...   


I am so sorry to hear of your cancer . Then on top of that , to have a disabled husband AND to take care of young grandsons must drain you of any energy reserves that you have.

Here is a link to a page that will lead you to some Christmas charity pages. If I had money myself , I would gladly help you out , but my finances are tight too.

Please know that you and your family are in my prayers and that I sincerely hope you have a joyful and blessed Christmas .


link :



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 in response to PhoenixF1re...   

Hi PhoenixFire

It is truly my pleasure . I sure like the pat on the back though !


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Soulight, thank you so much for all your research and help. Just wanted to show my appreciation!!!


Hope to talk to ya soon...take care

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why me? mother of

Thank you for the prayers, I need that. Here are some web pages of my sons.

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 in response to Rosie327...   

Thank you Rosie 327 !

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Hey soulight - I came across this site and wanted to let you know about it so you could share it with others:

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